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Discover the beauty of unity through fragrance

If you're looking for the ultimate statement of unity, what better than a fragrance designed through the memories you've made.

Tom Ford, American fashion designer, filmmaker and curator of over 100 successful fragrances  understands the importance of keeping something good in your life.

Transformative and expressive fragrance really is a unique way to capture your story in a bespoke scent you can both share - the perfect way to celebrate unity.

“A fragrance designed from memories you've both cherished and shared is the ultimate romantic gesture.”

If there is one thing we can perfect, it's the curation of fragrances that both partners can wear, but how do we do this?

Explore our fragrant blends and enjoy the memories as they flood back to you. Scent is so closely related to memory that it's impossible not to be transported to a moment you shared. When two souls meet on this journey you discover what might seem an eclectic mix of fragrances, nonsensical or even jarring - but when combined reveal a journey of memories scribed within a scent.

The joy is in the refinement. The outcome is a fragrance that embodies the relationship you have, a true celebration of 'unity'.

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Blends: Mossy (14) & Rose Floral (07)

The blend opens to earthy oakmoss and herbals, followed by woody tobacco and leathery notes when combined with rose floral it is uplifted with intense rose that embodies femininity. Perhaps one remembers that long walk in the woods on that sunny evening and the other the heady scent of violets and roses from that spring evening.

"Whatever the memory, there is sure to be a blend to evoke it, and if there isn't - you create one to evoke that memory. That's the beauty of scent design."

Mossy & Rose Floral blended.

Explore your memories through our luxury fragrance blends and twine them into a fragrance you can both enjoy.

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