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Fragrance Design Gift Sets

Design Your Own Fragrance Gift Sets

Includes everything you need to expertly blend your own bespoke perfume including 6 exclusive perfume blends, made from the highest quality perfume ingredients - designed for you to create a fragrance as individual as you are.

Register your fragrance online and keep it forever in your own fragrance account where you can reorder it from a selection of fragrance refills. Replacement blends are also available if you enjoy perfume mixology at home.  

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Discover unique fragrance collections...

Bespoke Fragrance Collection

This Bespoke Collection contains everything you need to expertly create your own tailor-made perfume at home. Select 6 blends of your own choosing to create your own unique fragrance blend gift.

Exotic Fragrance Collection

The Exotic Design Your Own Fragrance Collection, lets you create a distinctively sensual fragrance with sophisticated spices and woody notes, heightened with amber oriental and sultry floral blends.

Watch the Exotic Collection Tutorial

Floral Fragrance Collection

The Floral Design Your Own Fragrance Collection, lets you blend a truly feminine collection of beautiful floral accords that creates powder soft sensual fragrances. Enjoy fresh and oriental inspired florals combined with sparkling citrus notes.

Watch the Floral Collection Tutorial

Fresh Fragrance Collection

The Fresh Collection is a truly vibrant and breezy collection of fresh aquatic accords that lets you create light and airy fragrances. Featuring fresh florals and marine inspired scents.

Watch the Fresh Collection Tutorial

Natural Fragrance Collection

Best Selling! The Natural Design Your Own Fragrance Collection, allows you to create a classic signature perfume with these naturally inspired fragrance accords. With gentle florals, aromatic herbal and sweet balsamic notes.

Watch the Natural Collection Tutorial

For Men Fragrance Collection

New and exclusively 'For Men'. This unique collection is designed exclusively for fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, fiancés and boyfriends. Create a distinctively masculine fragrance with deep earthy tones and woody notes. Heightened with amber and awakened with energising citrus and refreshing accords of sea mist blends.

Watch the For Men Collection Tutorial

Ultimate Fragrance Collection

The Ultimate Collection in home fragrance making! Our full collection comes with a complete selection of fragrance accords, your imagination is the only limitation as you blend, refine and create your own unique fragrance!


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