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"Enjoyable day, friendly and informative staff and lots of fun! I would recommend to anyone"

"I went with my fiancé to create a fragrance for our wedding day. The team were really thorough, because I liked the smell of everything – the Stylist really knew her stuff though."

"I ended up with a fragrance that included all the things I love – I will cherish it forever."

"What I love most, is that I can reorder more of my unique fragrance whenever I want..."

"The design your own home kit is one of the best gifts I’ve received, ordering more blends for my collection soon!"

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Perfumery for wellbeing

It's no secret that fragrance can evoke powerful emotions and memories. But what if we could design a fragrance that enhances our sense of wellbeing...
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Influence your customers with scent marketing

Did you know that 75% of all emotions are triggered by scent and that we are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell...
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Reinvent the traditional Rose fragrance.

Rose Floral, Blend No. 7, classical interpretation of rose. Full bodied, heady and intense rose combined with a sweet violet accord. Rose perfumes are typically...
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Get outdoors with Green. Blend No. 2.

The pleasantly sweet, yet sharp scent of freshly cut grass is what you’ll find in Green. Blend No. 2. If you want your scent to...
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