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Attainable luxury: the rise of bespoke fragrance

Attainable Luxury Fragrance

For centuries, Perfume has fascinated us. It was first used as an alternative to bathing and later came to symbolise wealth and status. Ever since its significance in Egyptian religious ceremonies and dominance in Roman and Greek civilisations, Fragrance has long been considered a luxury product.

During the Victorian era, our knowledge of Perfumery came on in leaps and bounds. We learnt much of the materials used and just as much of the equipment required to cultivate them. We were able to experiment with scents, vastly improving the potently crude creations which were first favoured.

As the sophistication of perfume developed, so too did its desirability.

For a time, perfume was an invisible currency all of its own.

And then the industry changed and perfume became available to the many instead of the few. Already established as a ‘must-have’ item, Perfumers realised that the market for the product had grown: Men wanted fragrance as well as women, both the young and the old were interested in this olfactory revelation.

Arguably, as the accessibility of Perfume increased so too did its value decrease. This item, which had once represented exclusivity, now took on a new uniformity. With perfume brands growing in popularity and demand, specific labels became easily identifiable and commonly applied. And so once again the industry looked to rejuvenate its appeal.

Throughout the 2000s a new cry arose for those scents which were unique, different and intensely personal.

A variety of boutique perfumers sprang to the foreground, offering tailored services to help create wonderfully bespoke scents.

Commenting on the status of luxury fashion, Karen May observed:

“Clients want a personal connection with their purchases. In fact, those savvy shoppers who are spending their money on unique… pieces are part of what is being coined the “new luxury.”’

The same can be said of scent. Perfume is possibly the most personal beauty item we can possess. It presents the wearer’s character to the world just as surely as a haircut or wardrobe can; sultry spices exude exotic sensuality whilst crisp aquatic hues or rustic woody undertones can cultivate a heavenly musk.

‘A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.’ Christian Dior

Just as scent is potent for the wearer, specific notes induce personal recollections and associations for each individual recipient of the scent’s fragrant layering. We respond to scent intuitively and with highly personalised perceptions.

It is no wonder then that bespoke perfumes have risen to the forefront of the fragrance industry. With quality materials and affordable creation, we find ourselves enabled to craft and cultivate, exploring new combinations and losing ourselves in a sensory experience which had hitherto been inaccessible.

At the Perfume Studio, we offer a variety of means of attaining this “new luxury.” At our creation experiences, we invite guests to an afternoon of education and blending where guests learn much about each note’s composition and the 21 unique blends available. Our Fragrance Design Gift Sets enable fragrance enthusiasts to explore the delight of scent from the comfort of their own homes, with clear instructions and simple steps making the process a relaxed and exciting process, one which ends with an unique creation the wearer can treasure forever.

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