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The adventure of discovery: how to choose your unique bridal fragrance

Choosing your own scent can be an overwhelming process at the best of times. We set out in pursuit of the ultimate fragrance, a scent which smells entirely unique against our skin and which suits the very essence of our personality, characteristics and mood.

On our wedding day, we specify these requirements even further. Our scent must embody not only our essence, but also that of the occasion and the love we embrace throughout. Here, we discuss scent’s powerful connection with memory, the benefits of exploring and experimenting with different ingredients and exactly why our very own bridal fragrance is such an important possession.

‘Smell is the fallen angel of our senses.’

~ Helen Keller

Powerful and evocative, scent can be used as an identifier, an aphrodisiac and even a key with which to unlock one’s memories. Scents can transport us to a different time or place and let us once again enjoy the emotions that were previously felt.

That is why the aromas that you enjoy during your wedding are just as important as the décor and company. They become pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, segments which contribute, along with the photographs and videos, to a complete, long-lasting recollection of the occasion’s happiness and warmth.

How to choose a bridal fragrance: Should one pick a scent which is already familiarly loved or craft one which is new and just as unique as the wedding itself?

Master perfumer Roja Dove believes that this question can be answered depending on whether you have already found your signature scent. If you have, he thinks that you cannot go amiss with sticking to it. If not, then ‘the start of a marriage is the perfect time to start a life-long relationship with a scent that’s really “you.”’ It is an opportunity to identify your favourite, familiar ingredients and to reinvent them in a new light, with new combinations and complimentary layers. As American stylist and fashion designer L’Wren Scott stated, ‘When you’re creating a fragrance, you’re always thinking about what you want that first smell to be, that first reaction. It’s a sensation, like a symphony with all of those layers and notes.’ Selecting or creating your own bridal fragrance can be a wonderfully fulfilling, not to mention enjoyable experience; so take your time exploring the ingredients and understanding the way layers change and dry against your own skin.

Today, many bridal fragrances experiment with sweet florals, softening them with an earthy or bitter twang

Jo Malone combines Orange Blossom with Wild Rose, Velvet Rose with Oud Daisy Leaf and Dark Amber with Ginger Lily. Chanel’s Gabrielle is a blend of Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Orange Blossom and Grasse Tuberose, a sweet combination with a lively finish that is perfect for the confident bride who wishes to make a statement; it is exotic and playful. Funmi Fetto by Frederic Malle, on the other hand, boasts notes which are 98% rose! Authentically sweet, the scent is surprisingly subtle, exuding a soft floral aroma which doesn’t overpower.

‘There’s not a wind but whispers of thy name; And not a flow’r that grows beneath the moon, But in its hues and fragrance tells a tale Of thee, my love.’

~ Bryan Proctor

Whether you are a bride who pictures a fairytale wedding of delicate femininity and all things floral, or one who wishes to experiment with bolder combinations of ingredients which include sensual spices or musky ciphers, your chosen scent should become a much-loved treasure and one which feels utterly, completely and irresistibly ‘you.’

So, take care when selecting your Bridal fragrance. Allow time to explore how certain scents work against your skin and which ingredients are likely to compliment your desired mood. Ask your partner if there are any notes they particularly enjoy smelling on you and decide if this is a scent that you wish to wear regularly or save for special occasions only. Most importantly, enjoy the journey of selection. Smile in the knowledge that years from now, when reapplying your wedding fragrance, your partner will once more be transported to the moment they first saw you walking down the aisle; once more remember the moment you unified your lives and brought with you the breath of Summer. Smile knowing that when smelling your bridal fragrance, they will once again fall in love.

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