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Fragrant trends: the immersive experience

Amidst the phenomenal amount of choice in today’s fragrance market, we are in no doubt that the best way to choose a new signature scent is by becoming involved in the creation process yourself!

For what better way to ensure you love your next perfume than by thoroughly smelling and exploring the components that helped create it first?

Consumers are met with a vast range of choice and it is often easier to re-order familiar favourites rather than begin exploring different options. This is especially the case where online shopping makes it possible to order replacements at the click of a button.

Yet for a beauty item which is so personal and which offers so much potential for exploration and adaption, simply reordering the same fragrances over and over does not seem to do the selection process justice – your fragrance is your story.

Be it with an exploration of different notes, explanation of the creation process or with enjoyable anecdotes about the ingredients and characters who favour them, fragrance masterclasses are a perfect way to fully create and appreciate your new bespoke fragrance.

You will never be able to better appreciate the components of your new bespoke fragrance than by sampling and testing them yourself. Enjoy the immersing yourself in the scent of your favoured blends as you help layer and combine them.

At the Perfume Studio, our Mixology Experiences enable fragrance lovers to work with our unique fragrance blends under the guidance of our experienced perfume stylists. Advice is offered on the quantities and combinations of scents available whilst interesting facts are shared on the history of perfume and the evolution of its place in our society. Scent strips can be folded to enhance a particular note whilst tips and techniques are shared on ‘cleansing the olfactory palette’ so that no nose tires of the process.

It's not just us, various fragrance brands have joined us in offering interactive ways to select a scent with the aim of enabling customers to fully immerse themselves in their fragrance journey. To stay relevant amongst their competitors, and to keep the industry as exciting, engaging and informative as it should be, brands look to revolutionise the way their customers select and curate their scents – which we’re at the forefront of.

Whilst this experience creates an opportunity for customers to truly determine which notes they love and which they would prefer to avoid, the classes are also an incredibly fun activity which can be remembered and enjoyed long after the event.

Perfume, Prosecco and Imagination

Our masterclasses are held in a variety of venues nationwide. We will take the blends and tools required to create a scent to your home-town, or join us at our home in Kensington, London.

The preservation of scent’s composition in an online account enables customers to click and re-order their new favourite scent, or alternatively provides them with a base from which they can build on and adapt with future creations – perfect for the creative souls amongst us.

We recognise that scent is a wonderfully personal item, and as such believe that that its creation and selection process should be as immersive and inspiring as possible.

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