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Visit Britain say, we're 'Good to Go'

Good to go

We are accredited by as a ‘Good to Go’ business. We’ve achieved the UK-wide industry standard and consumer mark to reassure you that our business adheres to Government and public health guidance.

What is it?

The 'We’re Good To Go’ COVID-19 industry standard and consumer mark provides a ‘ring of confidence’ for businesses, attractions and destinations that have clear processes in place to help protect everyone from COVID-19 and that as a business The Perfume Studio experiences are 'good to go'.

Taking safety seriously

At The Perfume Studio your safety and the safety of our team is paramount. We have a variety of measures in place to keep all those who attend one of our experiences as comfortable as possible. These are in addition to the policies of the experience venues – so you can be sure we’re all following the government advice.

Feel confident that we are providing the exceptional standards of cleanliness required and enforcing social distancing for everyone’s comfort.

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It goes without saying...

Please do not attend a fragrance design masterclass if you have COVID-19 symptoms. In the event you have a persistent cough, a sore throat, a high temperature and a loss of taste or smell, please get in touch and we will rearrange your experience for a small fee.

To view the terms and conditions of our vouchers and events please visit our Conditions of Sale.

We believe that everyone who attends our experiences has the right to know exactly how we plan to avoid unnecessary risks.

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RiskWho may be harmed?Controls requiredAdditional controlsActioned by and how

Infected people attending the session

Fragrance Stylists, visitors and hotel/venue staff.

Ask attendees to not attend if they are displaying symptoms as advised on the government website. These include but are not exclusive to: Cough, sore throat, high temperature, loss of taste and/or smell.

If available and provided by the venue, temperature controls at the entrance to the building.

Confirmation letter to ask clients not to attend if displaying symptoms.

Fragrance Stylists to reaffirm with attendees on the day.

Venue staff to take individuals temperature if facility available.

COVID-19 spread through touch on drinking glasses

Visitors drinking bubbly, orange juice or water at the event.

Fragrance Stylists drinking water.

Reduce the touching of glasses.

Ensure hands are clean prior to touching through regular hand sanitising.

In the case of ‘top ups’ use a clean glass.

In the case of water on tables, follow the guidance on the venue.

Fragrance Stylists to pre-prepare the drinks after hand sanitising and leave them on a tray for attendees to pick their own glass up.

Top ups to be administered by the Fragrance Stylists or the venue staff only. Attendees may not refill their glass.

Fragrance Stylists at each event.

Inform the attendees of the policy in place with regards to refreshments on tables.

COVID-19 spread through airborne spores

Fragrance Stylists, visitors and hotel/venue staff.

As attendees to observe social distancing at all times.

Numbers around tables to be limited and social distancing observed.

Observation and communication of venue policies including but not exclusive to one-way systems, restrictions of number of people in lavatories and any other policies the venue has in place following their own risk assessment.

TPS Fragrance Stylists and attendees may wear face shields, masks or face coverings should they wish.

The nature of the event is that customers need their nose exposed in order to smell the fragrances, therefore they are not mandatory.

For the presenter we advise a face shield should the individual feel they want this additional control measure.

Fragrance Stylists to make attendees aware of the importance of social distancing and hotel policies.

COVID-19 spread through touch on perfume blotters and perfume bottles and fragrance registration cards

Fragrance Stylists and visitors.

Regular hand sanitising.

For the handing out of blotters, this should be every 3 blends presented.

For blending of fragrance hand sanitising should be after the blending of each fragrance.

When handing out blotters the Fragrance Stylist and assistants should pass each blotter directly to each delegate to reduce the number of people touching a blotter.

This is not necessary for those who attend from the same ‘bubble’.

When collecting fragrance cards, ask attendees to put them in a pile on a table and an assistant to collect from each table. This reduces people moving around the room.

Ensure that attendees do not pass fragrance cards to each other.

Fragrance Stylists by communication of these processes to the attendees and ensuring blotters are not passed between individuals.

General risk of infection

Fragrance Stylists, visitors and hotel/venue staff.

Attendees to sanitise or wash hands prior to entry to the venue and the event room.

Hand sanitising breaks during the event.

Preferential car parking prices at our venues to encourage attendees to arrive by private car rather than public transport.

Fragrance Stylists to encourage.

Signage will also be on display from the venue.

Flagship Stylist or The Perfume Studio to negotiate special car parking rate with the venue.

If you can’t find the answer to your question and require further help, then please get in touch with our Customer Service Team – we’ll always do our best to help wherever possible.

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