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Scents we love this winter

Scents we love this winter, for a bespoke fragrance

The blends on our winter wish-list this year

Winter fragrance doesn’t just mean cinnamon, crackling fireplaces, and fresh cookies. This year, our go-to blends stretch the very ambience of the wintery season through to luxury gifts.

Dark, mysterious, deep and sensual is the more common theme for winter scents. The cold weather means that winter fragrances aren’t nearly as potent as they are in summer months, so you can afford to indulge in something that hits the senses a little harder than you would usually like, something that will linger on your favourite cashmere scarf for days on end.

Crisp winter mornings, the sweetest of treats and a little luxury this gifting season. The dose of each that you apply in your bespoke fragrance, well – that’s entirely up to you.

Discover a truly unique winter fragrance this season by combining opulent accords with those considered a little more salient - you might be surprised how well they work together.

Spritz on your favourite cosy sweater for an affectionateembrace of comfort.

The base notes lingering in our winter scents this year are Amber and Gourmand

This winter we're looking for comfort and Amber delivers just that; An oriental accord that opens with zesty bergamot infused with subtle spices and ends as a warm, sweet, resinous blend. This opulent blend brings a sense of warmth - spritz on your favourite cosy sweater for an affectionate embrace of comfort.

Bergamot, sweet almond and bitter rhubarb - candy floss and caramels all delicately blend with warm florals and precious woods. Gourmand is a deep and evocative blend, popular with so many of our fragrance lovers - it is often enjoyed on it's own with no desire to contrast it with another.

Aldehydic adds that sense of luxury to any winter scent

If you love a little winter luxury, then Aldehydic is a sensual and powdery aldehydic composition sewn with gentle floral notes to create comfort and warmth – perfect for this time of year. Aldehydic is more wearable in winter for those with a delicate olfactory sense.

A classic blend reminiscent of the iconic fragrance classic Chanel No. 5 – adds a touch of luxury to this blend. If this cult classic is in your fragrance repertoire, we advise featuring this blend in your signature winter scent for a hint of Chanel No. You.

Crisp winter mornings can be found in a burst of Transparent.

A refreshing accord that opens with zesty lemon and crispy cassis (blackcurrant). An awakening splash of watermelon and sea mist blend with previous woods and ambergris. It's as fresh at the ice on a winters day and send you back to a crisp winter morning, blend with base accords such as Gourmand or Amber to add a mysterious depth to your bespoke fragrance.

Bespoke your perfume collection

Encapsulating your favourite scents in a winter fragrance, is the ultimate luxury gift to yourself, or a loved one.

Whether your scent is inspired by our gorgeous gourmand or you prefer a crisp fresh morning inspired with a burst of transparent, your signature winter scent will be ‘perfectly you’. Indulge in a fragrance that is unlike any other and make it your own with The Perfume Studio.

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