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Warm up this winter with our spicy blend

Christmas Spice

Winter is upon us. We know what to wear, we fish out our woolly hats and knitted scarves, but what about perfume, what scent is great for winter warming?

Well, we might just be able to help you out with that. It may be time to throw out those pumpkins, but you’ll want to keep a little spice this season. Do just that, with our exclusive Spicy blend. Start thinking about cosying up for Christmas with a blend that will warm your heart.

Christmas. The season that demands sugar, spice and all things nice

We all love this time of year, counting down to Christmas and indulging in a glass of mulled wine or two (or several!), so allow us to spice it up even further, if you’ll forgive the pun! This blend is made for winter days, whether it be a day in the office, or the office Christmas party.

Spicy is a frequently used blend – you can find it in famous fragrances like Christian Dior, “Poison”, Carolina Herrera, “212 Sexy” and Gucci, “Guilty”.

Comments Helen Janousek, Stylist and Events Manager

Our Spicy middle note is part of our Exotic Design your Own Fragrance Gift Set and draws its influence from the Middle East, consisting of many rich, aromatic ingredients. Discover Black Pepper, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Coriander and Cinnamon are beautifully blended to create this unique blend. It is deep and rich, yet sweet. The perfect blend to feature in a bespoke winter fragrance.

Think gingerbread houses, think cinnamon sticks, don’t these things just scream Christmas? Of course they do!

Adds Ben Janousek, Managing Director

The perfect blend for a unique winter fragrance

Combine our Spicy blend with the Gourmand or Woody base notes to create an unbeatable, bespoke Christmassy fragrance. Gourmand brings Caramel, Sweet Almond and Vanilla, among other expertly chosen ingredients, to the mix, making a wonderfully sweet, rich blend. Woody is a harmony of Cedarwood and Sandalwood, bringing the magic of a winter forest to a glass bottle in the palm of your hand.

The top note to compliment this blend would be Herbal; Sage, Basil, Thyme, Bergamot and Lavender are the key elements of this blend, creating a warm aroma of crushed herbs with floral and citrusy notes to compliment.

Spice up Christmas for your loved ones

Create a bespoke perfume with our Spicy blend to make a wonderful gift for your friends and family this Christmas. You can gift them a fragrance with just a little bit of spice, or give them something truly exotic. Bespoke fragrance trends are certainly on the up, and if you’re seeking to gift the perfect winter fragrance, then we have just the collections for you! Visit our Christmas Fragrance Boutique for some bespoke fragrance inspiration.

A bespoke fragrance from The Perfume Studio is the definitive gift in fragrance. All unique fragrances are registered with our exclusive membership and with a variety of refill options and Perfume Point rewards available on purchases, your loved one can cherish and re-order their scent forever.

Spicy features in our Design Your Own Exotic Collection at just £49, or for a real treat discover the range of blends in the Ultimate Design Your own Fragrance Collection, which is exceptional value at £95. Alternatively you can discover Spicy at one of our bespoke fragrance experiences. They’re available nationwide.

So, whether you want a romantic night in by the log fire, a night out or two this season or to give the perfect Christmas gift, this blend will spice things up for you!

Whether you’re at work, or dancing the night away in that little black dress, we’ll make sure you have a flawless fragrance.

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