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Top trends in today’s fragrance market

This January, we look to the top 5 trends which have enabled the fragrance market to sustain its growth and value in the eye of the consumer over the last year.

1. The race for prestige

When met with such a variety of perfume brands, the safest means of selection can often be to stick with the household names. 

Many brands recognise this, with recent years showing an increase in larger fragrance companies acquiring smaller, reputable names. Examples such as Estee Lauder’s acquisition of Frederic Malle and Le Lebo have also since evidenced how an overall growth in a brand’s portfolio can balance the weaker performances of the smaller designer fragrances, offsetting a dip in certain brand’s success.

2. Immersive experiences 

To enhance consumer engagement and maintain an interest in the product, many fragrance brands now also offer immersive experiences, enabling customers to fully immerse themselves in the fragrance journey.

Value such as extensive consultations for fragrance enthusiasts, guiding them through their likes and dislikes with mood boards and sensory aids to help narrow down preferences for a new scent are becoming more popular.

Still others offer fragrance masterclasses, like those available at The Perfume Studio, where expert perfume stylists offer insight and advice when aiding customers in the creation of their very own fragrance.

These experiences keep the process of scent selection alive in newly engaging ways and the product made even more desirable.

Communicating the facts

With science’s quick advances and the introduction of synthetics, there also arose a conception that certain perfumes used chemicals which were harmful to the wearer.

Some came to associate synthetic fragrances with poorer quality and were subsequently discouraged from attaining them.

In addition to this, a growing awareness for animal rights and the means of testing chemicals dissuaded many from purchasing perfume which had involved animal testing in its production.

As a result, many perfumers and brands recognise the need for transparency and are becoming more explicit when outlining the ingredients used in their scents.

Low-waste luxury

Just as with all consumer industries, there has been a growing concern for producing and providing low-waste products.

Consumers are concerned by waste and increasingly search for brands which seek sustainability. This has encouraged many brands to emphasise their efforts to remain environmentally proactive.

We see these efforts applauded in marketing campaigns and this helps influence conscientious consumers in their decision making when it comes to their fragrance selection. To remain relevant amongst their competitors, many fragrance brands are therefore taking ‘greener’ steps – be it with a reduction in excess packaging or with an introduction of more recyclable options, such as is the case with our 25ml refills.

A gender-fluid future

With a growing awareness and understanding of gender fluidity, the fragrance market has also seen a huge shift towards gender neutral perfumes.

Be it with a redirection of marketing or by re-educating its audience on the use of certain ingredients, many fragrance brands are looking to break down fragrance stereotypes and in turn make fragrance a gender-neutral product which is attainable for all.

In doing this, fragrances have gained a wider audience. For example, ‘floral’ scents might now be seen as just as accessible for men as they have been for women and vice versa with woody, muskier perfumes.

Ingredients are being appreciated for their quality and individuality rather than categorised and possibly identified as masculine or feminine.

So, there we have it - if you want to be on trend look for these attributes in your fragrance buying journey and you won't go far wrong.  

Images: Courtesy of Luke Heywood Style.

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