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Reinvent the traditional Rose fragrance.

Rose Perfumes | Rose Floral Blend.

Rose Floral, Blend No. 7, classical interpretation of rose. Full bodied, heady and intense rose combined with a sweet violet accord.

Rose perfumes are typically associated with floral femininity, with the classic rose firmly planted in the history of alluring scents.

Whilst today’s rose fragrances have evolved from more delicate rose florals to include headier sensual depths, one thing remains constant: rose fragrances give an impression of romance and love (including those which herald more intense accords).

If you want your scent to evoke a sense of romance, Rose Floral. No. 7 is where you should start your sensory journey.

Perhaps the scent of rose reminds you of your childhood, days spent collecting petals and distilling their fragrance in water; or of an English garden where their alluring scent pulls you in closer - an enchanting experience, imparting both an essence of calm and elevating your mood, equally.

This fragrance blend is primarily an equipoise of rose and violet leaf. A delicate spring flower known for its sweet floral scent that evokes a soothing assault on your senses.

Close your eyes, and within its depths you’ll find fleeting nuances of blackcurrant which are fused with the calming essence of orris; a scent which is commonly used in aromatherapy to provide relief from mind associated problems and to uplift the mood.

Feel wrapped in romance with Rose Floral.

Rose scents are often described as ‘romantic’, and our classic interpretation of a rose accord falls perfectly in line with its more traditional elders. Blend No. 7 is the scent of romance itself inspired by the very flower that signifies it; with an alluring effect on your olfactory system that is calming, yet subtly seductive.

As a middle note in our fragrance family, Rose Floral (appropriately) rests at the heart of a bespoke fragrance. When pairing, we opt for light airy scents doused with green tea or aloe, that make way to the true sentiment of this blend when worn. How you decide to showcase this signature blend is (of course) entirely up to you.

Did you know that it takes 240,000 rose petals to distil just 5ml of rose oil?

Familiar fragrances likened to Rose Floral, include Paris (Guerlain 1989), Stella McCartney (Stella McCartney, 2003), Noir De Noir (Tom Ford 2007) with a more recent celebration of Rose from the famous fragrance house Tom Ford, Rose Prick (2020).

Reinvent the traditional Rose Floral scent at one of our fragrance design events or at home in our Floral Collection.

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