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Tradition, symbolism and the fragrance of Love

The romance of roses and passionate perfume

The romance of roses and passionate perfumeThe Victorians were the first to establish the tradition of expressing emotions without words. Through the art of Floriography, the exchange of flowers was used to both express and identify feelings without ever having to speak. Of course, it took no time at all for Roses to become the symbol of love and for differing shades to even symbolise varying forms of the emotion. Where white or paler roses came to be seen as a sign of devotion, roses of deep red were considered to symbolise the epitome of passion and romantic love. Nowadays, roses still make a heavy appearance in romantic gestures; petals strewn across the bed and bouquets gifted at the end of the day.

The secret ingredient of tailor-made perfume

It is therefore of no surprise that the scent of a rose brings with it the association of romance and lovers entwined. This scent, in all of its numerable permutations, can evoke a powerful emotional response within the identifier. For many, the delicate scent of a rose can conjure memories and associations closely linked to intimate moments of tenderness and passion.

How Roses are used in bespoke fragrance

Today, perfumes, candles and lotions have all incorporated the scent of rose into their products. In the fragrance world, this beautiful flower has inspired a plethora of subtle combinations and variations. Master Perfumer, Roja Dove, notes that

“A rose has many nuances; lemon-like, spicy, floral, sweet or animalic and different fragrances push forward certain aspects to create non-obvious rose perfumes.”

Whilst roses can certainly evoke delicate imagery of traditional femininity and romance, nowadays this masterful ingredient is also expressed in new, exciting ways and will even likely be found in many fragrances where it is not immediately recognisable.

Scent suggestions for Valentine’s Day

Of course, you could explore our Valentine's top picks, but if you're looking for further inspiration Tom Ford’s Private Blend Café Rose offers a sinfully decadent exploration of Rose. Boasting Turkish, Bulgarian and May Rose, this concoction is rich and creamy. To balance the sweetness of the three roses, the scent also offers a twist of black pepper and coffee which leaves the floral notes well-rounded with a light spicing of vibrancy and intrigue.

On the other hand, Jo Malone’s Red Roses wholeheartedly encapsulates the purity of the rose’s sweet embrace. Blending several different rose specimens with crushed violet leaves, honeycomb and a light layering of lemon, the fragrance offers the wearer a crisp bouquet of freshly cut floral satisfaction.

“In our own Floral Collection, we compliment rose with violet and orris for the truly feminine fragrance, as well as temper it with coriander, musk, muguet and peach for a sultrier finish. The former is light, delicate and fresh whilst the latter creates a softly sensual scent, finished with the hint of sparkling citrus notes.“

Comments Ben Janousek, Managing Director.

Whichever your choice this Valentine’s Day, embrace the myriad of options available and know that, just as surely as the rose is the symbol of love, so too is its scent the aroma of romance.

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