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Pssst, the Perfect Scent for Him this Christmas!

Pssst, the Perfect Scent for Him this Christmas!

Christmas shopping for men can be a bit of a brain teaser. Why do we always buy them socks?

Besides, you bought those novelty one’s last year – he hasn't worn them. Clothes? You exhausted that for his birthday! So, what do we buy the man in our life this Christmas? Fragrance, that’s the answer – but not just any fragrance. A totally bespoke fragrance!

Bespoke fragrance for men, yep - you heard us right.

Fragrance is still very much undiscovered territory. After all, cologne is something worn mostly by continental types, or, if there's a ship on the bottle, grandfathers. Right? Wrong. Olfaction actually triggers both emotion and memory far more than sight and sound, so any man who avoids wearing a scent misses out on an important tool in his presentational arsenal. A bespoke scent gift set means he can curate his very own, signature scent.

Scent is a really personal gesture, it tells people who you are in so many ways, so a signature scent is the perfect gift. He can tailor his own fragrance to represent his traits, likes and dislikes and build them in to it.

Says Ben Janousek, Managing Director here at The Perfume Studio.

Our Design your Own Fragrance ‘For Men’ Collection has been designed exclusively as a masculine fragrance gift set. It provides you with everything you’ll need to create your own bespoke men’s fragrance. Included are six exclusive blends that have been expertly chosen by our Master Perfumer, Francois Robert.

Perfectly chosen, so you don’t have to!

The blends in this unique collection create the perfect Christmas gift for the special men in your life. Whether you want to create a unique fragrance that matches his personality, or one that will evoke a cherished memory or experience, these blends will help you to blend just that! There are six 9ml fragrance blends included: Woody, Mossy, Amber, Tonic Sport, Neroli and Citrus.

Woody is a base note that brings the aromas of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and essence of Vanilla from Tonka together to create a sophisticated blend. Mossy is another base note but is much more earthy, combining herbals, oakmoss and leathery notes. Amber is the third base note in The For Men Collection, a zesty blend infused with some subtle spices, this blend is sweet and warm. Tonic Sport is a marine inspired middle note, fresh just like the sea air.

Neroli is a more floral and fruity middle note that will leave you feeling energised. The featured top note in this set, is Citrus. A blend made up of beautiful sun-kissed fruits with a fresh, invigorating fragrance. Think “Guilty Pour Homme” by Gucci, and “Eau D’Aromes” by Armani.

However you plan to team up these blends, you can create an individual, distinctive masculine fragrance for Christmas this year. Something earthy and natural, or something zesty and energising? The combinations are endless.

The Design Your Own Fragrance gift Set for men also includes a 30ml glass atomiser, six pipettes and scent strips and an easy-to-follow guide - everything you need to create the perfect bespoke fragrance! Why not personalise the bottle for a small additional cost to make your gift extra special.

The Design Your Own Fragrance ‘For Men’ Collection is just £49. The unique scent he creates however, will be an absolutely priceless gift.

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