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Fragrant ways to say ‘Thank you’ to teachers, parents, dog sitters and more!

Never underestimate the power of a simple ‘thank you’. It doesn’t matter who it is, it doesn’t matter what they have done to make you so grateful, but showing your gratitude, rather than just saying ‘thank you’ – can give someone a pretty big lift.

Keeping up the kindness

Gratitude nourishes us, it makes us feel valued, it proves our actions were seen, it makes our efforts worthwhile and deepens our sense of meaning.

As human beings, we long for connection. During that precious moment when someone sees us, praises us, or validates us, there’s a spontaneous connection that can arise, so long as they’re open to feeling it! Feeling appreciated strengthens the bond between people. It helps satisfy our longing for healthy attachment.

Saying thank you is a great way to keep that circle of gratitude going, so the warm and fuzzy feeling can continue. Feeling inspired - have someone in mind? We do!

The reasons to say thank you are endless

Your prized pooch was spoilt whilst you were away. Your parents helped you fix that shelf. A friend house sat for you. A neighbour watered your plants. Your aunt knitted you a jumper - whatever the occasion we have a gift to let them know that you are grateful for their time and help.

“We have something for every occasion. From gift sets, to experiences. It’s no surprise that we’re experts at customisation, so do get in touch if you need us to go that extra mile”

Comments Helen Janousek.

We suggest our Design Your Own Fragrance Collections. Starting at just £49.00.

One we’re asked a lot about; the perfect Teacher thank you gift

Teachers deserve a medal for the hours they dedicate to their students, let alone a simple thank you. On a daily basis, they help your little ones gain the necessary skills to tackle life from math to English, science and more. It can be difficult to know what to get. You know them, albeit very briefly from the handful of parents’ evenings you’ve attended, yet you want the perfect gift to show your gratitude for the daily guidance and support your child receives.

Top Tip: Be a little creative and opt to personalise your gift for an additional £5.00. It's simple to inscribe a ‘thank you’ or title the fragrance something meaningful like ‘Gratitude’ or the class number for a more personal approach.

“Our gift sets are particularly great for a thank you gift – they are the perfect way to send a lasting impression. Each time they wear their custom fragrance gift they are transported to that moment of gratitude felt. You can also buy gift vouchers, so you can create a collection for a group of parents and spread the cost.”

Comments Helen Janousek.

Gift Vouchers are available from as little as £10.00.

Make someone feel great with a fragrant thank you gift

We, as humans, are simple creatures and we all like to feel that warm and fuzzy glow from being happy and appreciated. What could be better than that?

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