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Our top 3 blends for spring fragrances in 2017

Dreamy Jasmine Fragrances, Perfect for Spring 2017.Spring is well and truly upon us and as the world around us awakens; there is no shortage of inspiration for your bespoke spring/summer fragrance this year.

Delicate floral blossoms are adorning the trees, providing a gentle fragrance in the spring air; scents of first cut grass hinting at summer and citrus fruits call our minds to warmer climates. Here at the Perfume Studio we wanted to inspire you with our top 3 spring blends that you should consider in your bespoke fragrance. 

We love Musky, a clean sweet musky floral, enhanced with fruity shimmers and warm amber.

Name: Musky
Note Type: Base

Musk forms the base of many male and female fragrances.  It provides a fantastic foundation for any fragrance. Our blend ‘Musky’ is an interpretation of musk (don’t worry, no animals have been touched in its creation) , with a clean sweet musky floral, yet woody scent. To compliment we’ve enhanced with classic florals and fruity shimmers underlined by warm amber – the perfect start for any spring fragrance.

Think: Fresh Coriander, Musk, Garden Rose, Muguet (aka Lily of the Valley) and delicious Peach.

Giorgio Armani, Si Rose Signature and L`Occitane, Terre de Lumière are beautiful spring fragrances that use Musk in their unique blends.

We’re enchanted by Fresh Floral, a fresh white floral blend enhanced with rose and jasmine – divine.

Name: Fresh Floral
Note Type: Middle

Fresh Floral is inspired by sheer white fresh floral tones. It will bring incandescent freshness to any spring fragrance, yet contrasted by a soft enchanting rose and jasmine. With scents of Jasmine and Lily of the Valley being some of the most popular scents for perfumes, this elegant and sophisticated blend should definitely feature in your scent this spring.

Think: Lily, Peony, Muguet, Rose and Jasmine.

Miu Miu's L’eau Bleue and Jo Malones, Garden Lilies Cologne; are both 2017 fragrances that feature the fresh and pretty lily of the valley scent.

Sun-kissed citrus fruits inspired our Citrus blend!

Name: Citrus
Note Type: Top

Citrus fragrances are nothing new, having graced abundant dressing room tables for years. Our top note, Citrus has a composition based on lemon, orange’s and mandarins, bergamot, grapefruit, blitzed with aromatic zest all combined together for a sparkling, fresh and energising citrus blend. Softened with a touch of neroli.

Think: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Neroli and Mandarins.

Popular fragrance Nina by Nina Ricci, is an elegant floral-fruity gourmand fragrance, inspired by citrus fruits, so be sure to consider Citrus in your spring fragrance.

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