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My Mother’s fragrance: Essence, influence and individuality

Most people can tell you exactly which scent their mother wore when they were younger. Her aroma made a deep impression on our youthful minds.

My Mother’s Fragrance: Essence, Influence and Individuality.

Memories and the essence of scent

We remember the whiff of opium as she dusted herself before entertaining her dinner guests; we catch the sweet, animalic scent of Aldehydic (a key ingredient in Chanel No.5,) and are transported to the downy heaviness of blankets pulled over drowsy bodies as she tucked us in. For some, Lily can bring with it an overwhelming recollection of enveloping, soft arms and lightly brushed kisses.

A certain note or ingredient can bring to life foregone images of our mothers with such vivid clarity it were as though she sat beside us in that very moment, all gentle strength and warm acceptance.

Influencing scent creation and selection

And for many of us, these same notes can be a huge influence in our own choice of fragrance selection and creation. They mark our first encounter with the fragrance world and our first introduction to experiencing scent.

For Master Perfumer, Roja Dove, the particular fragrance left behind by his mother after their goodnight kiss sparked the origin of his love for perfume.

“She was on her way to a cocktail party and… the light from the hallway illuminated her from behind, transforming her into an ethereal figure… The resonating smell of her face powder and perfume that lingered in the room once she had kissed me goodnight marked the beginning of my love for perfume.”

Roja went on to create the masterful ‘Goodnight Kiss,’ a delicious blend of sparkling Aldehydes and green notes which are layered with spicy undertones and whispers of warmer, woodier musk. No doubt if ever he passes someone wearing this, or other fragrances containing similar ingredients, he finds himself once again closing his eyes to the angelic vision of his mother bidding him good night.

Fragrance inspiration and individuality

Many aim to capture the scents which embody their mother in their own chosen fragrances. Others prefer to wear scents which are entirely different, distinguishing their own tastes and the memories which become associated with them. For some, the perfumes worn by their mothers are now scarcely found or removed from production altogether. The soft, lingering scent upon a favourite jumper may be all that remains.

In any instance, creating a new and unique fragrance can be the perfect solution to capturing aspects of that much-loved scent. By recognising the individual ingredients and either layering them altogether or selecting a preferred one or two, we find ourselves at liberty to both recreate or develop upon our mother’s memorable fragrances.

We find ourselves able to craft something which is at once entirely individual and heart-warmingly familiar. 

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