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Discover the soul-binding scent reminiscent of earthy woodland

Mossy scents that smell like woodland

In the world of perfumery, certain fragrances have the power to transport us to distant realms, evoking vivid landscapes and emotions with each breath and blends no. 14, Mossy is no different.

From the moment Mossy crosses your olfactory sense, it opens with a rich and earthy bouquet. The initial scent of oakmoss immediately grounds you, conjuring images of ancient forests where the air is thick with the scent of damp earth and drenched leaves. Oakmoss, derived from the lichen growing on oak trees, brings with it a sense of timelessness and tranquillity, evoking the serene ambiance of moss-covered woodlands.

“A harmonious blend of earthy oakmoss and herbals, underpinned by woody tobacco and leathery notes, Mossy, which is a base note and blend number 14 in our repertoire is an invitation to explore the serene embrace of earthy woodland.”

Herbals weave their way into the tapestry of this fragrance

As the fragrance evolves, herbals weave their way into the tapestry adding layers of complexity and intrigue. The heart of Mossy reveals a captivating blend of woody tobacco and leathery notes. This combination creates an olfactory illusion of walking through a rustic countryside, where the scent of dried tobacco leaves mingles with the rugged aroma of worn leather, adding a touch of nostalgia and rugged charm.

A complex note charged with a variety of noteworthy ingredients

Oakmoss: Sourced primarily from France, oakmoss is not only prized for its aromatic qualities but also for its antiseptic and soothing properties. This species of lichen imparts a distinctive, earthy aroma that anchors the fragrance, providing a foundation of depth and richness.

Patchouli: Extracted from the leaves of the patchouli plant, this essential oil is renowned for its stress-relieving qualities. In "Mossy," patchouli’s warm, woody, and complex scent forms a perfect backdrop for the fresher notes to shine, creating a balanced and harmonious blend.

Orange Oil & Bergamot: These citrus oils bring a burst of freshness to the fragrance, lifting the earthier notes and adding a vibrant, zesty character that enlivens the senses.

Jasmine: Known for its sweet and intoxicating aroma, jasmine adds a floral heart to the fragrance, enhancing its complexity and allure.

Amyris Oil: Often referred to as West Indian sandalwood, amyris oil has a soothing and relaxing effect on the nerves. Its inclusion in "Mossy" helps to round out the fragrance, imparting a soft, balsamic undertone that complements the woodier notes.

Clove Bud & Coriander: These spices introduce a hint of warmth and exoticism, enriching the fragrance with their distinctive and evocative scents.

Galbanum & Labdanum: These resins add a resinous, green note to the fragrance, enhancing its earthy and grounding qualities.

Find solace in the earthy depth of this soul binding scent, masculine at heart; made feminine by combining with florals.Combining Mossy in your bespoke fragrance is akin to opening your fragrance journey with wandering through a dense, moss-laden forest where sunlight filters through the canopy, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor. The air is cool and crisp, filled with the scent of moist earth. As you venture deeper, you stumble upon a hidden glade where the heady aroma of wild herbs and blooming flowers mingles with the soft, leathery scent of fallen leaves.

As per our intention; how and which blends you combine it with, will dictate the story you tell with your bespoke fragrance.

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