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Special fragrances for incredible women: A Mother’s day to remember

We’ve all seen our Mother’s face light up upon receipt of a heartfelt card. Flowers and phone calls will make her day. To know that you have thought of her and appreciate her on Mothering Sunday is the best gift she can receive.

Personalised perfume

Yet if you’re looking for something a little different this year, something which she won’t expect, why not surprise her with a gift so utterly unique that she will never see it coming?

A fragrance is an intensely personal possession; one which can embody not only the wearer’s essence and energy but most importantly, their memories too. Creating a perfume for a loved one is certainly not impossible, but an option many are not bold enough to pursue.

Making memories

That’s why we offer the ability to gift Mothers the ingredients and tools required for them to create a signature fragrance all for themselves. If you can identify the notes or types of fragrances that she normally wears, you’ll be well equipped to select one of our Fragrance Design Kits for her to blend and layer to her heart’s content. Whilst you may know she adores Violet and Jasmine, or even more broadly floral notes in general, to her the light aroma of Rose may offer access to a world of memory you cannot wholly appreciate. Watching her enter this world as she experiments and creates will be a treasure to behold.

We believe that creating a fragrance provides re-entry into moments that have since been forgotten or overlooked. The exploration of scent is a sensual experience and one which enables self-discovery as well as curiosity and excitement. That’s why we also offer the opportunity for you to bring your Mother to a Fragrance Mixology Experience where the both of you can delve into your favourite memories and express your creativity together, all whilst making memories that will last you a lifetime.

The gift that keeps on giving

What is more, such gifts do not prove to be a one-off; a singular moment of inspiration which leads to only one favoured Mother’s Day. We store each individually crafted fragrance online, keeping careful account of every ingredient, measurement and combination. Once her new fragrance runs out, you can re-order the delicious scent online and yet again transport her to recollections of your shared afternoon of creation. With numerous options for personalisation, she’ll be warmed from head to foot at the sentiment and efforts you have gone to this Mother’s Day.

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