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Get outdoors with Green. Blend No. 2.

Green. Blend 02. Floral Green Fragrances.

The pleasantly sweet, yet sharp scent of freshly cut grass is what you’ll find in Green. Blend No. 2.

If you want your scent to invigorate you every time you wear it, then top note, No. 2. Green is our go-to for exploration; a scent sure to transport you to the countryside or a summers day court side.

This fragrance blend is crammed with fresh green grasses – reminiscent of days taking in the vastness of the open fields and tranquil spaces, it's the scent of pure nature itself evoked by the very lawn in your garden when recently cut.

Within its depths you’ll find an interpretation of an afternoon cloudburst drench of citrus lemon, vibrant, fresh, almost sharp on your senses. A twist of green tea and aloe vera softens the blend with blossoming hyacinth and boronia petals - fused with delicate petitgrain, producing this green floral note.

Feel connected to the outside with Green.

Green will help you connect with the excitement of Spring and Summer’s arrival. Green scents are often described as ‘pure goodness’. They help the wearer connect with health and freedom, and feel grounded and in control.

Familiar fragrances likened to Green, or that include green fragrance accords, are Chanel No. 19 (Chanel 1970), Gucci Bloom (Gucci, 2017), Good Life (Davidoff 1998) and Vert Boheme (Tom Ford 2016).

Fragrance Blend No. 02, Green is the only blend in our repertoire that is 100% synthetic, yet contains high levels of synthetic ingredients identical to those in nature itself. 

CIS 3 Hexanol (also known as leaf alcohol), is a colourless oily liquid with an intense odour of freshly cut green grass and leaves and Phenethyl Alcohol, which is found naturally in roses are just two of the synthetics used to build this zesty and awakening note.

Discover the outdoors with Blend No. 2, Green, at one of our fragrance design events or in our Natural Collection.

Explore Green, plus our 22 additional unique fragrance accords at one of our fragrance design masterclasses, where you can indulge in a fragrance mixology masterclass. The perfect event for fragrance enthusiasts, friends and family - to mark an occasion or for pure entertainment as you design, name and blend your own signature scent.

The Natural Collection has endless possibilities if you’re looking for a fragrance that inspires you with the outdoors and contains everything you need to expertly create your own bespoke fragrance including 6 exclusive Eau De Parfum accords, carefully selected by our expert perfumers. 

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