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Evoke a vibrant and fun feeling with Fruity - a sweet fruity floral fragrance blend.

Fruity fragrance bllend for a bespoke fragrance

Summer screams sweetness, mouth-watering bursts of fruits, and thirst-quenching long iced drinks.

Keep a memory of the long summer days or head back to your favourite tropics with this charming blend. Fruity evokes a one-of-a-kind 'summer sweetness' like no other and if summer time is a hit with you, you'll definitely want to consider this mouth-watering blend when crafting your bespoke fragrance. A single spritz and with every movement, you’re invited back to summer time via your olfactory system - it's incredible.

Discover blackcurrant, mango and peach. Enticing and juicy!

Fruity by name, fruity by nature.

A top note from our repertoire, our fruity blend invites you in instantly. Expect it to be the first blend revealed in your signature scent if you include this note when designing your bespoke fragrance. It is vibrant, uplifting and energising in nature.

A blend from the luscious tropics

…discover blackcurrant (also known as bourgeons de cassis), mango and peach, enticing and juicy. See if you can find the guava in this blend, a single fruit that can fill a room with its delicious, moreish, and powerful scent. And finally a hint of sweet luscious pear. Each ingredient is beautifully blended by our expert perfumers to create this unique fruity summer blend.

If you love popular fragrances such as Tom Ford, Lost Cherry, or Daisy by Marc Jacobs, then Fruity has to be a consideration for your chosen top note in your signature fragrance. Fruity fragrances have an impact but tend to be lighter and refreshing in nature - perfectly matched for the sunshine inspired fragrances.

A complex, yet easily complemented blend.

Perfect pairings for Fruity include No 19, Gourmand. Gourmand scents such as coffee, vanilla and toffees combine effortlessly with Fruity. Or pair back the sweetness and use earthy, woody notes, such as No 51, Amber and No 11, Woody which complement flawlessly with their deep, warming nature left lingering long after the sweetness has subsided.

Fruity floral scents can bring you 'summer time sweetness'.

As trends are encouraging us to gravitate toward seasonal fragrances, what becomes clear is their ability to enhance our mood or create a feeling, much as our attire can.

So if you want to build a fragrance that can help you to make the crisp winter a distant memory, an exotic, summer inspired fragrance can take us back to long walks on the beach, Pimm’s, exotic fruits and garden gatherings then this blend is for you.

Summertime scent inspired by sweet juicy blackcurrants and guava

Top tip: Pick notes that awaken your memories. Then each time you spray your signature scent, you’ll be transported to a favourite place or person.

Discover Fruity at one of our bespoke fragrance design masterclasses alongside our 23 fragrance blends, where you can indulge in fragrance mixology with endless possibilities. Design, name and blend your own signature scent - available nationwide experiences.

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