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Francios to help create aromas of London’s hottest postcodes

Scents of the City

Master Perfumer Francois Robert and designer/fragrance guru Rebecca Goswell join forces to create a new range of scents aimed to capture the real aromas of London’s hottest postcodes.

Described as the ‘Scents of the City’ both Rebecca and Francois have worked together closely to perfectly capture London in a bottle, well six actually. Rebecca’s chosen postcodes are the original four N6, SE1, EC2, W1X and her two new editions, SW1X and W11. Combined with her lust for adventure and knowledge of London’s streets and culture with Francois’ superior perfumery knowledge and expertise the pair have gone on to create six very individual and unique fragrances.

Exploring the ‘Scents of the City’…

The ‘London A-Z’ collection inspired by our beloved capital is represented by six bespoke fragrances. In particular, the six postcodes chosen all stand for something different as far as British Culture is concerned, demonstrating the lifestyle differences and habits of its people. Whether there will be more, at this date is unknown however there is mention of perfumes to reflect the culture of other cities too.

The original four

N6 - A richly gourmand chypre, that captures the elegant character of High Gate Village, along with the splendid wilderness of adjoining Hampstead Heath." - This fragrance uses various fruity notes of peach, raspberry and mandarin with a slightly spicy, floral and woody undertone.

SE1 – “Known as the Southbank, SE1 is an area steeped with history and culture, once the centre of the capital’s spice trade. Now the home to our finest modern art, theatre and architecture, Londoner SE1 evokes the atmospheric aromas of the old Thames side spice wharfs." - Featuring heavier floral/spice tones of aniseed, bergamot, jasmine, cardamom and nutmeg. With the addition of driftwood, sea moss and amber scents.

EC2 – “Inspired by the rejuvenated East End, now the creative heart of London, Londoner EC2 is addictive and unique." This fragrance is full of variety with the addition of many scents and tones. Many floral, fruity and spice related blends feature. To name a few: Grapefruit, black pepper, Tonka bean, cedar, amber, juniper and jasmine, amongst many others.

W1X - "This sophisticated fragrance is inspired by the opulence and high- octane atmosphere of London’s West-End." The fun perfume is filled with an abundance of floral notes with the undertone of woody vanilla. Those floral notes include: Neroli, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, freesia and lily of the valley… the list goes on.

To launch these into success, back in 2012 when these original four were released Rebecca also founded her own fragrance brand known as BEX Londoner. A niche UK-based line that would be home to the unique scents of London – of course her good friend and our master perfumer Francois contributed to this. Without her expert nose for blends and creativity to source world - wide ingredients is what makes this range so ‘one of a kind’.

With bespoke fragrances in mind Rebecca has gone on to create two new additions to the range, SW1X and W11

SW1X - “Inspired by the seduction of wealth, culture and power that exudes from London's most exclusive enclave, the elegant and exclusive Knightsbridge”. This new fragrance is an opulent Oud Rose chypre fused with saffron and bank notes.

W11 – “Captures the bohemian chic of West London’s Portobello”. This is described as a classic modern fragrance of pimento berry and black cassis, which is warmed, by rich floral notes and exotic ylang-ylang.

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