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Fragrance Design Craft Set with Perfume Bottle

Ever since our childhood days, we have been fascinated by the concept of ‘do it yourself.’

Growing up, we owned the plastic ingredients to mix and bake in plastic ovens; we concocted magic potions from water and mud and spent hours deliberating over the perfect combination of beads to string to our multi-coloured friendship bracelets.

Be you boy or girl, 5 or 50, we humans are complex, advanced, and irrevocably fascinated by the art of creation.

Our adoration of invention may stem from our love of experimentation. Intrinsically, we revel in the potential to tease out an idea, test it and celebrate when it comes to fruition.

Especially when crafting something by ourselves, for ourselves, we are not daunted by the possibility of taking a wrong turn or even of having to start again. There is a pure, unadulterated joy in building something from scratch. Creating something personal from a concept and bringing an original idea (or memory) to life enables us to express our individuality, explore our own creativity and ultimately, it allows us to play again.

Consider crafting and perfume design and create a bespoke fragrance

In a world where mass consumerism rules the market, it is particularly hard to find a cologne or perfume which sets you apart from the crowd. The one method which will ensure you achieve individuality and freedom of expression is to indulge your inner child, and to design it yourself.

Blending your love of crafts together with a love for fragrance, our fragrance design collections have been created to grant all perfume lovers, scientists and crafters alike the opportunity to re-enter the enjoyment of their earlier years and to indulge in a world of experimentation and potential - resulting in their own bespoke fragrance.

Each collection contains six of our twenty-one unique blends which have been hand chosen by our Perfume Stylists for their complimentary palettes. Beyond this initial guidance however, we encourage you to go wild.

Our pipettes, scent strips and guide will make it easy for any user to delve into the world of perfumery. Whether you blend just two scents and fall immediately in love, or try several combinations before hitting on the perfect layering, we are sure you will adore the process. You will be at liberty to splash a heavy dollop of citrus with a subtle sprinkling of floral, or free to blend musky Woody with our rejuvenating Balsamic.

What is more enjoyable than allowing yourself the time to create something new? And what is more rewarding than finishing the process and owning a unique scent you have crafted entirely to your own preferences and at your own leisure?

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