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Mood; a floral fragrance designed at home

“I love strong scents through the colder months. When that season passes and we see more daylight, knowing that winter is behind us and the season for blossoming is upon us, I find that a refreshing scent compliments the new season effortlessly.”

Fragrance Design at Home - Gift Sets

As the changing of seasons gives way to new life, we spoke to Firdos about which fragrances she associates with Spring and why she thinks bespoke, signature scents are the best way to enjoy perfume.

Earlier this month we sent Firdos a Perfume Studio Floral Design Your Own Fragrance Creation Kit. Each of our creation kits contain 6 x pipettes, 6 x scent strips, a 30ml glass atomiser and 6 x 9ml blends which have been carefully selected by our elite team of Master Perfumers.

“At the outset, I was a little anxious about creating my own perfume, having never fully understood the concept of blends and base notes,” 

“Once I had removed all the items from the packaging and read through the guide, I began to feel more at ease. The guide is detailed and offered clear directions which were easy to follow. Once I started, I realised it was safe to say the process was self-explanatory.”

We asked Firdos what she had most enjoyed about the process and were told it had to be the blending.

“I enjoy trying to be a perfectionist when creating something I like. To personalise is to be persistent, and this is a challenge I certainly enjoy.”

Perfume Design at Home - Gift Sets

After satisfactorily completing her blending, Firdos found herself in possession of a beautifully layered floral fragrance. We asked her how this compared to her other floral fragrances, and Firdos relayed that she owned many different fragrances for different seasons.

“A fragrance can reverberate on my outlook; on the selection of make-up I choose to wear or the colours that I chose to pick out of my wardrobe. The floral fragrances that I have are a little hit or miss because they can either be too soft or too florally or altogether not strong enough.”

“I feel that when buying branded fragrances, you have to adapt to them rather than the other way around. There is no line of equilibrium. Creating my own scent offered me this balance that I love.”

Labelling her fragrance “Mood”, Firdos laughed and explained that a few of her friends had commented on her new scent.

“I’ve had a few people ask me what perfume I have on and I love being able to answer simply; Made for me, by me!”

To learn more about Firdos and her philosophy visit Instagram, @moodbyfidiarts. The pictures that appear in this post are all her own fabulous work - thank you Firdos!

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