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Why you should have two iconic scents, at the very least!

Why you should have two iconic scentsFragrance is a key trigger in evoking memories and whilst it’s great to have one signature scent that you can be remembered by, variety is the spice of life! Discover a variety of reasons to have more than one signature scent.

Did you know, you can become nose blind to your everyday signature scent – resulting in the temptation to keep layering on your fragrance. As you become, nose blind – others can start to find your scent overpowering, particularly with a high quality Eau De Parfum. Having a second fragrance helps to awaken your senses and keep them alive to your unique fragrances.

Choose a scent to suit the occasion

A light fragrance is suitable for daytime wear. Choose soft and gentle florals with fresh airy top notes for work or shopping. Whereas heavier exotic florals and deep woody notes create a more seductive and alluring scent for romantic or special occasions in the evenings. Make your fragrance part of your daily wardrobe routine - after all, you don’t wear the same outfit every day, why should your perfume be any different?

Seasonal scents that match the time of year

Seasons! Yep, that’s right. Nature and gardens come alive with colours and scents through all seasons, intensifying our senses and enchanting us with their unique scents. Take your mind to the sweet scent of Jasmine, Moss, and Citrus and you’re immediately in summer. Think Spice and Herbs and you’re in winter. Consider creating a fragrance that represents each of the seasons, taking you on an annual journey of scents, fortifying all of your favourites into your unique seasonal perfume.

And finally, there really is no better reason than to reflect your mood

Choose a scent that reflects how you feel when you prepare for the day. Not only can you choose a scent that reflects your mood, but also according to some studies, fragrances can positively affect or change your mood. So when you’re feeling a little less perky, you can lean towards a more fresh and zesty scent to put a little sparkle in your stride.

A great source of inspiration for your second fragrance…

Last summer, we introduced 3 new blends to our repertoire; Gourmand, Neroli and Transparent. Each differing in scent and each varying in note. Here’s how they can inspire your second fragrance.

Gourmand No. 19. (base note)

…with a very sweet and fruity accord the scent it creates is one of almonds, rhubarb and candy floss. It also offers a delicate accent of warm florals and woods. Accents of Gourmand can be found in fragrances like Alien by Thierry Mugler and Dior Addict by Dior. If you’re one for sweet and indulgent scents this could be the perfect base note for a sensual evening scent.

Neroli, No. 18. (middle note)

…is the one if you’re looking for a signature scent with a traditionalist twist. Notes of Neroli can be found in Marilyn Monroe’s go-to Chanel No. 5. One of the most iconic scents in the world. It’s complimented with Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Sandalwood. Whilst we can’t share the exact formula, we can undoubtedly help you create a your own unique take on it using this beautiful blend.

Transparent No. 17. (top note)

… is the perfect note for any everyday perfume – its refreshing scent brings memoirs of zesty lemons with an awakening splash of watermelon and sea mist blend. It also features in our new Fresh, Design Your Own Fragrance Kit.

Whichever reason, there are a variety of ways to make a new signature scent with The Perfume Studio. You can discover the blends through our experienced consultants nationwide by purchasing a bespoke fragrance experience, or indulge in a Design your Own Fragrance Collection, if you fancy a bit of fun at home.

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