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Design a signature bridal fragrance at a hen party

Wedding Fragrance Atomiser

It is often left to the maid of honour to organise the hen party, which means that they, along with the rest of the hen party are going to want to make sure that the bride to be has the very best time ever. After all, a hen party is a chance for the bride to celebrate with her hens and wave goodbye to single life in style.

Where do you start with finding the perfect activity? An activity that the bride is going to love, as well as that the hens are going to enjoy – one that is unique and fun! Consider unique perfume design; the perfect treat for any bride to be.

It is their chance to make their own unique bridal fragrance

Aside from being great fun, one of the biggest benefits to organising a perfume mixology activity is that your bride to be can choose to create a signature bridal fragrance. Often associated with the celebs, signature fragrances for brides are now a most loved bridal treat. Creating one, with the people she loves, for the person she loves – has to score you some brownie points.

Transport her back to her wedding day in one spritz

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, more so than any of our other senses. Remember your mother’s fragrance? The scent of an orchard in blossom conjuring up recollections of a childhood picnic? Now imagine your bridal scent and revisiting this days, weeks, months, even years after. It's the perfect treat for any bride to be.

What’s more, it will be linked to how much fun she had whilst creating it – that time with those who are equally important to her too.

It makes the perfect wedding favour.

It can be hard to think about the ideal wedding favours, so, by organising a perfume creation activity, you might actually be giving the bride something that she can then pass on as a gift to her guests. The specially made perfume can be bottled up in mini versions (or even made in a male scent as well as a female variation) which can then be placed on the tables for every guest, come their wedding day.

All the above make for the perfect surprise for the bride to be.

Some brides like to be involved in the planning of their hen do, whilst some may be more than happy to leave it up to their hens to organise things. If you have a bride who is able to hand over control, then organising a perfume creation activity could be the perfect way to surprise her. Not only is it unique, but it is also not likely to be something that she expects, making it an even better surprise for her.

“Designing a bridal fragrance at a hen party is an extra special gift. Not only will it be entertaining and fun, but it can also be something that she treasures for many years to come too.”

Comments Helen Janousek, Stylist and Events Manager.

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