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COVID-19 updates

Update 4th May 2020 - Links to all our Classes

Hope you are having a stunning weekend. All our classes are available now to watch using the links below. We will be creating a new landing area on our web-site very soon with links to higher quality video and more information. In the meantime though you can use the links below to help you get the most of your home design kits!

Natural Collection

Exotic Collection

Floral Collection

Fresh Collection

For Men Collection

Update 14th April 2020 - Home Online Classes

Sorry it's been a while since my last update! It's been a very busy few weeks at TPS Towers. Sadly we have had to furlough all our staff due to the lack of income but that or course does not mean that the workload has shrunk an equivelent amount. I am in touch with the team and they are all well but look forward to getting back to work.

We have been really keen to push the sales of our home collections and this has been backed up by the fact that we will be launching our online facebook lives this week, where, if are in possession of a home collection we will guide you live on facebook! The 1st one is at 19:00 on Thursday 16th April for our natural collection and a full list of dates and times is available below! So any sets purchased either directly from us or from one of our partners like NOTHS, Virgin Experiences, BuyAGift, Red Letter Days and many more can be used for these classes. It's not too late to purchase and join the party - Just head over to our store, pick one and we'll let it shipped out asap -


NaturalThursday 16April19:00
FreshWednesday 22April19:00
NaturalTuesday 28April19:00
ExoticThursday 30April19:00
MenWednesday 6May19:00

Update 26th March 2020 - Hen Parties

Another day passes and we are doing our best to communicate with as many customers as possible. We are just about to enter what would ordinarily be our peak hen party season, sometimes running as many as 25 hen parties in a single weekend all over the country. Our network of stylists ready to help excited groups of ladies (and men) to design their perfumes. Many wear the perfumes on their wedding days and they become a lifelong reminder of that special day and of course they can reorder those fragrances whenever they like! We love being part of that memory and hope to be for many years to come!!

One of our wonderful hen parties!

We do take a small deposit when bookings are made but balances are not due until 10 days before a class so of course we are now receiving no income, yet our overheads remain pretty much the same! We are offering full flexibility with postponements of these parties and also offering alternatives including the ability for us to send home kits to all members of the party with the ability to run an online party using video conferencing software we have acquired. We are able to do this too for new bookings so why not consider an online party with a difference! Get in touch on 03300 889636 or and we can talk you through the options! We'll provide everything you need for the perfect lock down party!

Almost without exception, all our Hen Party bookees have been amazingly understanding, see below for one example of many we have received.

Rachel Erverall's lovely message

This kind of communication really makes our day. Though of course it's the 'bride to be' that we feel most sorry for. The most important day of their lives postponed with so much uncertainty in the coming weeks. There will sure be some big parties when this is all over.

Thanks for reading.

Update - 24th March 2020

I thought I would keep you updated with the latest news from TPS towers through our Blog/News area, so any new updates can be placed here quickly and we have even added a special button on our home page to take you straight here – or why not bookmark this page.

I thought I would keep you updated with the latest news from TPS towers through our Blog/News area, so any new updates can be placed here quickly and we have even added a special button on our home page to take you straight here – or why not bookmark this page. 

It is really upsetting that that we have had to postpone every event now for April with May (and possibly/probably June) to follow but we are taking each day at a time and will do our best to keep in touch with all those it affects.  Of course you can email us on if you have any questions that relate to this.

We are so grateful to all our perfume lovers for re-ordering their amazing fragrances and for those buying new home sets.  We have streamlined our order process which means only 1 person need manage the process from order in to order out.  No one else is required in the office and since we have our own entrance there is no need to have contact with any other individual.  I am comfortable that this fits with current government advice.

Our reliable friendly DHL guy, Pete, then comes once a day at around 3pm and we leave the packages outside (undercover) for him to collect to minimise further contact.  We hope and trust this can continue as long as possible and means we can continue to pay our staff and suppliers. 

I am sure that you have seen we are now also giving away a free 20ml hand-sanitiser with every order.  Beautifully bottled in our limited-edition gold atomiser and fragranced using our incredible Blend 15 Herbal.  This 65% Alcohol formulation is perfect for beating any virus.  It also contains Glycerine which keeps your hands feeling soft!  It will not show on check out but will be automatically added to any re-order of perfume or home kits order placed.  If you place an order for an experience voucher (18 months validity – so would appreciate any support for this amazing gift) we will also happily send you one but will ask for £4 to cover postage. Please drop us an email at with your order number and we’ll be in touch to arrange.

We will be announcing next week, the 1st of our online video classes.  So watch this space for more info…

That’s all for now but will aim to post an update every day or 2!


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