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Francois Robert works with Charlotte Tilbury on her fragrance

Here at The Perfume Studio we’ve been finding it hard to contain our excitement! Recently, our Perfume Studio Master Perfumer – Francois Robert, has been working along side the talented beauty guru, Charlotte Tilbury to create her signature perfume, named, ‘Scent of a Dream’. Francois Robert has worked with the guidance of Tilbury to create her ‘one of a kind’ scent, specifically with her brand and customers in mind.

Francois Robert, commonly referred to as ‘perfume royalty’ is a fourth generation perfumer and the son of Guy Robert who has also worked fragrance wonders. Guy Robert has created masterpieces of bespoke fragrances like Chanel NO.19. Coming from a fragrance filled background, Francois was certain of his ambition at a very young age. Stemming from his holidays as a child with his Grandparents in Cannes, his love for smells was ignited by their many visits to orchards; he truly has always had a fantastic nose for scents. From the age of 8 his real passion began and by a mere 14 he trained at Parfums Rochas - a Parisian fashion, beauty and perfume house founded in 1952 which has a wide spread industry recognition. In latter years he has also become recognised by the perfume society and is highly acclaimed as a President of the Institute of Perfumery in Paris, (ISIPCA) - he really is a fragrance genius!

Perfume Studio Master Perfumer – Francois Robert, has been working along side the talented beauty guru, Charlotte Tilbury to create her signature perfume, named, ‘Scent of a Dream’.‘Scent of a Dream’ by Charlotte Tilbury

Tilbury’s launch came about this summer and since has proved to be nothing but a success. Critically acclaimed by the beauty press and loved by her fans/customers the unique design and scent presented to be a true winner. Tilbury made it clear that this has been a dream and vision of hers for years and having this opportunity was indescribable.

“I have been mixing my own secret scent for years and have been fascinated by the idea that one's perfume can attract others and also change the energy frequency of the people and environment around you".

Mentioned in the Sunday Times - “The secret behind the formula is a blend of top tops including lemon, peach and black pepper, floral heart notes and a base including hedonic, ambroxan and fire tree. “ Francois Robert describes it as a combination of both the floral and chypre groups, with ingredients that ‘dance together in a new way’. – Both Francois and Charlotte are more than pleased by the response. Could this mean another fragrance on the cards? – Who knows, we can always, dream….

Kate Moss for the face of Tilbury’s Fragrance

Long time BFF (that’s Best Friend Forever if you aren’t sure); Kate Moss will be the front for the perfume.

"Charlotte and I have always had this instant, naughty chemistry – we danced side by side together during the shoot. Charlotte has this electric passion and energy for life – she's a bit magical. It felt totally natural to do her first fragrance campaign together!"

We wish Charlotte the best of luck with her launch and are honoured to be involved. We proudly represent and would encourage others like Tilbury to create their own signature scent. Here at The Perfume Studio we offer bespoke perfumery and fragrance experiences for those budding perfumers within.

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