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Capture summer in a bottle

Capture summer in a perfume bottle.

Christian Dior believed that a "woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting",

...and we all know that creating a unique fragrance that feels distinctively like "you" and only you from our exclusive blends is a challenging, but wonderful thing when you perfect it – but as summer hits full swing, don’t you feel a little bit different?

When we smell good, we feel good and as the foliage and blooms are amplified around us, lavender is in full blossom, lilies burst into life and our personalities are amplified too. Summer scents are huge this year, providing the perfect reason to enhance your individuality by capturing and bottling your vitality this summer with a unique ‘summer scent’.

Summer V’s Winter fragrances, how should they differ?

Fragrances are influenced and adjusted by temperature. The summer heat causes a perfume to evaporate faster and project further. If a scent is too powerful, during the summer months it can become overwhelming. Summer fragrances tend to be lighter, airy and more refreshing – whereas winter fragrances tend to be warmer, inspired by heavier floral accords.

This season it’s all about fragrances that are feminine and light, like crisp citrus blossoms, green teas, and gentle florals like neroli.

Pick notes that can evoke your favourite memories

When picking out the perfect summer scent, you should try to pick one that will evoke memories of summer. With an abundance of reasons to select particular notes for your new perfume from long walks amongst nature, to beach holidays and your favourite cocktails – summer really isn’t short of inspiration.

Top Tips: What Scents to Avoid During Summer

While light florals are fantastic for summer, there are some florals which you should avoid, as well as any sickly sweet aromas. In summer stay away from heavy floral blends, patchouli, sugary aromas, Vanilla and rich Orientals.

Our favourite scent this summer is Neroli. One of our middle notes, Neroli is a fresh floral citrus harmony of Neroli, Lemon and Mandarin with a delicate Green Tea undertone. It’s energising accords of Cardamom, Rosemary and Lavender add a subtle depth to any summer fragrance.

Be inspired by Tom Ford, who loves it so much, he’s created a perfume with Neroli as it’s heart. Neroli Portofino is described as a “Vibrant. Sparkling. Transportive” scent which captures the surrounding scents of the Italian Riviera and includes floral notes, amber undertones and crisp citrus oils.

Be inspired by this summer’s memories, capture it in your own unique summer fragrance and 2020 will truly be the one you’re transported back to every time you wear it.

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