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Why seasonal fragrances are a must

Why Seasonal scents are a must.

We all love variety in our life. You won’t see many people opting to wear exactly the same outfit day in, day out. In fact, for many their wardrobe’s colour palette and style will change with the varying weather.

In much the same way as our wardrobe choice differs throughout the seasons, so too can our fragrance choices reflect the seasonal changes we encounter throughout the year.

So, here are a few of our favourite reasons why owning seasonal fragrances are a must.

Seasonal Scents can exacerbate your Mood

Often in the warmer months we find ourselves walking with a spring to our step. The sun is shining and the streets are lined with a myriad of technicolour sundresses, shirts and shorts. We sip bright Aperol spritz and ditch muted nail polish for the vibrancy of pastel blues and electric pinks.

In just the same way that we opt for all things light and bright during Summer, so too can ‘fresher’ scents invigorate the mood.

We love scents featuring our five favourite top notes during the warmer months; Citrus, Green, Fruity, Herbal and Transparent. Each embodies the warmth of a summer evening, bringing to life all of the scents one associates with hazy golden evenings.

Try wearing fragrances which are topped with these mouth-watering blends to stay fresh in a world of tropical fruits, fresh aquatic splashes and light floral hues.

Fall in love with your favourite fragrance all over again

We all have that one signature fragrance which we love to wear. There is a familiarity and a sense of identity in owning that fragrance.

And yet, what is more likely to make you fall in love with this signature scent all over again, than trying something different and alternating throughout the months?

A bit like rediscovering that favourite jumper, returning to a much-loved classic after a change of scenery can reawaken your appreciation for all of its best qualities.

Embrace the cliché of fragrance favourites

Summer is warm, winter is cold. You know it, it we know. Summer epitomises picnics in bright meadows whist winter alludes to hot cocoa curled up in front of the fire. These may be stereotypes but they are so for a reason.

We personally love the feel of all things heady and rich when it comes to the coldest months of the year – right from thick scarves to hot coffee and certainly seasonal scents.

Say yes to owning something heavier, muskier and more alluring this Winter.

We love mixing Gourmand, Amber or Musky with a combination of other base, middle and top notes. Each is warmly enveloping with a deep and intricate layering of ingredients. To own the stereotype, indulge in these honeyed notes and sink into a fragrant world of decadence.

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