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Perfumery for wellbeing

Lady holding hand over chest with a relaxing vibe. Fragrance blends include clary sage and lavender. It's no secret that fragrance can evoke powerful emotions and memories. But what if we could design a fragrance that enhances our sense of wellbeing or encouraged relaxation?

The majority of those who visit us to design a unique fragrance often attend with the notion of designing something that is either linked to a memory or quite often a unique take on their favourite branded perfume. But imagine a perfume that could enhance your sense of wellbeing?

Design a perfume for an overall sense of health and wellbeing for the wearer.

Our sense of smell is closely linked to our emotions and can trigger various responses in the brain and as such the fragrances we wear can have a significant impact on our mood and how we feel when we wear them. It's a kind of bio-hack when we harness the power of fragrance to promote a sense of relaxation or comfort for the wearer.

If you live with anxiety, you might find the scent of lavender soothing.

When you smell lavender, it can have a soothing effect on your mind and body, helping to ease feelings of anxiety and tension. Some studies have even found that the scent of lavender can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate, indicating its potential to promote relaxation. Overall, the scent of lavender can make you feel more calm, centered, and at ease.

Adding a Blend No. 15, Herbal to your fragrance can predispose the benefits of lavender throughout the day on the wearer. Combining this with scents that cast you to a place of happiness and you design a perfume that cloaks you in comfort and promotes relaxation - voila!

In conclusion, fragrance has the power to improve our wellbeing, lift our mood, and encourage relaxation. By incorporating fragrance into our daily lives, whether through perfumery or other means, we can harness the power of scent to promote any feeling we so wish from happiness to relaxation or a calming effect. And with The Perfume Studio's luxury blends, creating your own signature scent has never been easier or more enjoyable.

The Natural Collection has endless possibilities if you’re looking for a fragrance that evokes relaxation or reduces anxiety.

Start with Blend no. 15, Herbal - an accord with a calming and grounded influence, featuring a combination of aromatic crushed herbs twisted with citrus and lavender notes, which reveal the depths of a lingering close; and build your anxiety-reducing fragrance from here.

Each collection is a fragrance discovery that contains everything you need to expertly create your own bespoke fragrance including 6 exclusive Eau De Parfum accords, carefully selected by our expert perfumers. 

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