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This month we reached a new fragrant milestone - 10,000 online fragrance orders. Feeling quite overwhelmed, we had to celebrate this milestone with the lucky person who made that magic order, Gill.

Gill is no stranger to the Perfume Studio, in fact, Gill has re-ordered her signature scent so many times - we decided that the perfect celebratory gift would be the opportunity to create another signature scent. She received a voucher for our Diamond Fragrance Experience with Afternoon Tea for 2 and we caught up with her to talk about her Perfume Studio journey.

Bespoke Fragrance "Birthday Treat" designed by Gill.Gill was first introduced to The Perfume Studio by her brother and sister-in-law who bought one of our fragrance design experience vouchers for Gill’s 50th birthday. The perfect gift to celebrate any milestone, as scent is so closely linked with memory. Thrilled with the gift, Gill joined us at our London flagship venue for a day of scent creation and discovery.

After an introductory talk from one of our Perfume Stylists, Gill was presented with our 21 unique blends to sample and layer to her heart’s content.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day but the process of choosing the blends of scents was very well explained and the advice given was very clear and patient.”

At our Fragrance Creation Experiences, we explain the vitality of top, middle and base notes, outlining the various role each component plays in maintaining the vibrancy or longevity of the scent. With fun fragrance anecdotes and insightful comparisons to other famous perfumes, you will walk away a scent connoisseur yourself!

“I was not sure what kind of scent I would create but I knew I wanted it to be light and fresh.”

Gill’s unique blend of fragrance contains a variety of Citrus, Neroli and Ozonic notes. The uplifting sweetness of fruity citrus is tempered by bittersweet Neroli and crisp, refreshing Ozonic. The three blends are then united by a fourth; our rich musky blend which lends a deep and well-rounded quality to the scent.

I have been so happy with the final blend which I re-order on a fairly regular basis. Using the website, it is a very straight forward process.”

At the Perfume Studio, we keep careful account of all your fragrance creations in your very own personal fragrance portfolio. Within this account, we’ll make note of all your preferred blends and combinations, ensuring you can swiftly re-order your unique scent with ease. If you ever wish to re-order a fragrance for a loved one, our stylists will be more than happy to help you make the right choice.

Gill has named her bespoke signature scent “Birthday Treat.

“I would never have thought of treating myself to such an experience, but I would highly recommend it. The set up of the afternoon is so friendly and I enjoyed this as much as anything about the afternoon.”

As we have gifted Gill our Diamond Fragrance Experience for 2, we look forward to seeing her again soon. She will be bringing her sister-in-law who after all, is responsible for starting Gill on her Perfume Studio Journey!


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