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Bespoke fragrance, is it just for women?

It is a common misconception that Bespoke Fragrance is just for women. Of course, a large proportion of our clients are female – but Scott McGlashan, a lifestyle blogger based in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh – has proven men love it just as much too.

Men, just like women love to smell great. They too, when choosing a scent look for blends that they feel represents them. However, being unique isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

In today’s world, I find it difficult to find a fragrance that isn’t loved (and subsequently) worn by many. It’s actually really hard to be unique.”

Commented: Scott McGlashan, BluBlazerGuy Lifestyle Blogger

Designing a Bespoke Scent for Men

The truth is, whichever cologne you buy, there will be someone – wearing that fragrance. Spending hours at the fragrance counter choosing a scent that is exclusively you is hopeless - it is never going to be uniquely yours, something that represents only you. This is true for Men too, as we found out from Scott when he reviewed our bespoke fragrance gift set.

“I believe that bespoke fragrance is definitely for men, if not more so than for women! On the market today, there seems to be a disproportionate number of women’s fragrances compared to men’s. I’ve often been tempted to dip into the feminine section, just for inspiration – thinking if I could make my own scent – what would it be?”

Adds Scott.

“When I recently reviewed the ‘Design Your Own Fragrance - For Men’ Gift Set – I was extremely impressed by it. This collection made a unique scent for me, a reality.

The collection contained easy to follow instructions, pipettes, scent strips and a personally inscribed 30ml glass bottle – making this truly personal, completely unique. Most importantly, because the collection contained 6 blends, I could tweak, refine and blend from numerous scents.”

Are Bespoke Scents Just for Women?

Tailor-blend a men’s fragrance from scents you’re familiar with

Developing a tailor-blended cologne is incredibly easy and rewarding. A great way to gain inspiration is to start with the notes you are already familiar with. Scott chose the depths of the Woody base blend, combined with Neroli and a Citrus top note in his very own scent aptly named @BluBlazerGuy.

Each of the scents have their own unique charm and it really does depend on what type of guy you are, as to which combination works the best for you. What’s even better is that, is you can reorder your fragrance over and over. Registering it online was easy.”

Adds Scott. 

Bespoke fragrance is absolutely for Men too, so don’t let the women in your life have all the fun – join them in a fragrance design masterclass, or pop the Design Your Own Fragrance, For Men Gift Set on your Father’s Day, Birthday or Christmas wish list – for a design at home experience.

For more information about Scott McGlashan’s scent, read his fragrance blog. We’re sure you’ll find lots more lifestyle gold there too.


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