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Now, exclusively For Men!

For Men Collection

The luxury of a bespoke scent, isn’t just for women. We’ve created hundreds of couture blends, exclusively for dads, husbands, brothers, boyfriends, fiancés and uncles.

And that’s why this month see’s the launch of another new exciting Design Your Own Fragrance at home Collection. The long awaited For Men edition.

It’s not that we don’t blend bespoke fragrances for men, we absolutely do! We’ve created so many ‘his and her’ fragrances for weddings, scents for dad as a surprise and more at our exclusive perfume making events nationwide. Creating distinctly masculine scents, using The Perfume Studio system is just as simple as creating a floral, or sensual scent for a woman. The secret in the creative process of making a unique fragrance is to build the story of your fragrance journey.

The new, Design Your Own Fragrance Collection for Men, allows you to build a distinctively masculine fragrance with deep earthy tones and woody notes. Heightened with amber and awakened with energising citrus and refreshing accords of sea mist blends – it’s a wonderful collection of blends that is sure to engage your mind in some wonderful memories.

“The first, exclusively For Men, collection of blends that allows you to create a distinctly masculine scent is the perfect addition to our home fragrance design repertoire. Each blend was carefully selected by our perfumers to inspire a masculine fragrance, but also to create a set that would compliment each other no matter how you blend them.”

Comments Ben Janousek, Managing Director.

But what’s inside this unique collection?

Like all of our Design Your Own Fragrance Collections, this includes everything you need to expertly create your own masculine bespoke fragrance including 6 carefully chosen blends, a 30ml glass atomiser, scent strips for testing and a complete guide to creating your unique scent all wrapped up in sophisticated packaging perfect for gifting.

Inspiring blends curated specifically to build a masculine fragrance

After hours of deliberation from our creative team, we have developed the perfect collection effortlessly suited for you to blend. Here’s what they have to offer.

One of our most popular top notes, citrus –has so much to offer.  Key notes in citrus, are geranium, bergamot and violet leaf. Citrus delivers an array of sun-kissed citrus fruits combined together for a sparkling, fresh, zesty and energising blend rounded off with a touch of neroli.

2 middle (or heart) notes, Neroli and Tonic Sport. Following the top notes the middle notes blends emerge to offer longevity and balance. Neroli’s is a fresh floral citrus harmony of neroli, lemon and mandarin with a delicate green tea undertone. Energising notes of cardamom and rosemary with lavender add depth to the perfume. Whereas Tonic Sport produces an ozonic and marine effect reminiscent of a fresh cool seashore while citrus and herbal notes add a refreshing shimmer.

Core to this collection are the base notes that add depth to a men’s fragrance; Woody, Mossy and Amber. Woody offers a harmony of sandalwood and cedarwood that can create an intoxicating, sensual fragrance. The inclusion of creamy tonka adds a sweet and milky vanilla note for a sophisticated fragrance. Warm mossy elements enhanced with classic florals and fruity shimmers underlined by warm amber.  Amber itself, a popular blend in Many men’s fragrances. An opulent oriental accord that opens with zesty bergamot infused with subtle spices and ends as a warm, sweet, resinous blend.

Discover more blends and enter our exclusive world of fragrance

What’s more if there is a scent you’re particularly fond of, you can buy this separately and add it to the collection when gifting your set to your loved one. Membership to our wonderful world of fragrance where you can keep your unique formula secure and purchase refills with ease – we’ll even blend it for you! With our on-going exquisite customer care, you can ensure that a bespoke fragrance is the gift they will never forget.

“Looking beyond the product marketing and packaging design. We’re truly interested in the language and narrative of scent, we want to excite everyone about building their own story with our blends. It's a wonderful process and that’s what makes it truly special to the person it is created for and Men are no different.”

Adds Helen Janousek, Stylist and Events Manager.

The Design Your Own Fragrance Collection for Men is available to buy online at just £49.00. A memorable and unique gift that is worth considering this festive season for the man in your life.

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