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Amber for warmth this Autumn

Autumn Amber Fragrance

The countdown to autumn is on and personally we can’t wait for the season that enriches our senses.

We’ll choose walks in the woods with crisp leaves under foot as nature puts on its’ display of gorgeous golds, reds and browns as the trees shed their summery emerald green leaves. We’ll choose scarfs, ankle boots, maybe even wellies and a traditionally British gilet as we slowly switch our wardrobe to embrace a cooler climate – but what about our perfume? What should we choose this autumn?

Our fragrance trend this autumn is Amber

The term Amber, is loosely used to describe a scent that is warm, musky, rich and sweet - oriental yet earthy at the same time. Amber originates from ambergris, when translated in French means ‘grey amber’. Extraordinarily it’s origin isn’t as pretty as it’s scent. Ambergris is a bi-product left by a sperm whale and is often found on shores. Usually this scent is created by blending vanilla and labdanum and is used to add a sweet and woody base to your perfume.

At The Perfume Studio, you’ll find our unique blend of Amber, an opulent oriental accord that opens with zesty bergamot infused with subtle spices and ends as a warm, sweet, resinous warmth. Perfect for inducing comfort as the darker nights draw in this autumn.

Featuring Bergamot, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Olibanum, Geranium, Clary Sage and Amber. This scent could be labelled an aphrodisiac with mystical powers. Suddenly Amber, sounds all exciting and mysterious – and you’re not wrong. Intentionally our unique blend works to evoke a more sensual feel. Include exotic and alluring Amber if you want to create a sexy fragrance with depth.

Whether you’re looking for romance or a comforting connection to autumn’s warm hues, then this base is one to include in your repertoire for its mystical yet earthy nature.

Think of fragrances like Michael Kors, ‘Sexy Amber’ and Christian Dior’s, ‘Miss Dior’ which feature Amber in their scents.

Perfecting your Amber inspired unique perfume

For this autumn’s fragrance include Amber within your unique fragrance for a warming and seductive scent. Perfect note accompaniments for Amber this autumn are Woody and Green.

Name: Woody
Note Type: Base

Woody features, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Tonka and Amber. A harmony of sandalwood and cedarwood – enhance to create a sensual and intoxicating fragrance. The inclusion of creamy tonka adds a sweet and milky vanilla note for a sophisticated fragrance.

Think: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Tonka and Amber

Name: Green
Note Type: Top

Green is an interpretation of an afternoon cloudburst drenching citrusy lemon and outdoors. A shower of blossoming hyacinth and boronia petals fuse with soft petitgrain for a green floral note.

Think: Green Teas, Boronia and Aloe Vera

There are a variety of ways to explore Amber with The Perfume Studio

If you have a Design Your Own Collection you can add Amber by ordering 9ml of this beautiful blend to harmonise with current collection. Amber Features in our Design Your Own Exotic Collection at just £40 or for a real treat, discover the range of blends in the Ultimate Collection, which is exceptional value at £95.

Alternatively you can discover Amber with our experienced fragrance stylists nationwide by purchasing a bespoke fragrance experience.

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