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A day in the life of Master Perfumer, Francois Robert

Meet Francois Robert, our brilliant in-house perfumer. He truly is the mastermind behind our many amazing fragrance blends. Spending his time travelling, sourcing worldwide new ingredients and gathering inspiration for potential scents.

A famous smell that he has created includes Mary Greenwell’s Lemon and Lanvin Vetyver (2003 version). Grab a cuppa and get comfy; lets take a look into the daily life of a true fragrance genius…

Somewhere on the Mediterranean Coast…I came across unexpected new fragrance inspiration

Yesterday was lovely, the sun was shining after 2 days of rain and my senses were really acute with the air full of moisture carrying all the delicate scents of this country I was visiting for the first time.

At our friends' house they served a new recipe I had never had before: an original blend of caramel custard but less caramel, almost white in colour. On top, she added some grated coconut and a Rose syrup. Curious and polite, I tried and found the mixture very tasty and original. I was afraid the Rose syrup would completely over power the rest but it was very good. Inspired, I translated this into a unique fragrance idea the next day.

Creating a brand new fragrance with caramel custard and rose – enticingly delicious!

It was very difficult to find the right balance between the coconut and the rose syrup. The Rose syrup could be interpreted as a Rose oil blend, very strong and delicate with a litchi and artichoke top note; and candy floss, sugary sweet but not so strong as a top note. The coconut notes are created using lactones, fruity smelling like chemicals, which have, when overdone, an unpleasant dirty undertone. Coconut and syrup work well together, but adding the rose was a real challenge - we want all notes to come through together and well balanced.

Sweet & sickly or a tantalising and wearable new scent…

For the "custard cream", I selected different types of ingredients that would give the desired smell and ‘flavour’. My first trials were disgusting – a horrible, super sweet Rose candy, but by adding some key ingredients to give the smell of milk and whipped cream, this worked well and I finally came up with an interesting well balanced accord that I plan to experiment with in a new body lotion.

A Delicious New Blend and a Unique New Perfume

Francois has taken some of this sweet inspiration, and included it in the newest blends just launched for The Perfume Studio - we have a separate article about these recent additions if you want to know more.

Gourmand No.19 is rich, sweet and fruity – think candyfloss and caramel, blended with warm florals and precious woods. This can be complimented with other blends in our fragrance collection to create many gorgeously wearable and, bespoke fragrances.

Tempted to Try a New Perfume?

With the seasons changing and the end of the year fast approaching, why not come and create a delicious new bespoke fragrance, inspired by Francois’ many mouthwatering blends. We have a variety of ‘make your own perfume’ experiences to offer and we also cater for Hen parties, corporate events and at home fragrance parities. Get in touch today for more information or visit our many service pages on The Perfume Studio website.

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