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5 Things every bride needs at her hen party

5 things Every Bride Needs at Her Hen Party

Hen parties are not the easiest things in the world to organise, however, they seem to be a challenge that plenty of hens and of course the Maid of Honour are willing to take on.

The main aim of every single hen party is to make sure that the bride has the very best time possible. But how can you do that? How can you make sure that every single bride has the most perfect send-off into married life?

To help you out, we have put together the 5 things that we think that every bride is going to need during her hen party.

1. Her ‘bride tribe’

If there is one thing that any bride to be cannot do without on her hen party it is her main ladies. After all, what is a party without having people to share it with? If you are organising a hen party for your friend or family member, then make sure that you check in with her who she really wants to come and then invite them. Missing someone out will not only cause some resentment but could even ruin her entire evening/weekend.

2. Bubble and fizz – in other words, plenty of Prosecco or Champagne.

We don’t mean the type that you blow into the air, we mean the type that you serve up in a tall glass. Be it Champagne or be it Prosecco, there is no better way to celebrate such an amazing occasion than by popping off a cork and indulging yourselves in a glass (or 4) of bubbles!

3. Games galore for all

Fun should come naturally, but every now and then you are going to need a nudge in the right direction. Games are not only a great way to break – especially if many of the hens do not know one another, but it can also make sure that you never get bored! So, make sure these are on the list.

4. Her own bespoke bridal fragrance; which she can design at her Hen Party.

Everyone likes to smell good and this is particularly true for a bride to be on her hen party. Of course, you can just buy her a bottle of perfume to wear, but what about her very own bespoke scent instead? Organising a 'design your own perfume activity' is not only great fun for all the hens, but it also means that the bride to have an amazing scent to wear too - perhaps even on her wedding day - it really is the perfect gift!

“Creating a bridal Fragrance at a Hen Party is the perfect addition, it makes that scent special in so many ways, created with people she loves, for the person she loves.”

Comments Helen Janousek, Stylist and Events Manager.

5. Something gorgeous to wear

Whilst it has mostly been the case that hen parties come with a fancy dress theme, that doesn't mean that the bride has to look hideous (leave that to the stags). In fact, why not make the theme that you just look utterly gorgeous? Especially for the bride. Rather than dressing her up to look as silly as possible, make sure that she has something gorgeous to wear. She will thank you for it when the time comes around to hit the town.

There really is no secret formula to getting a hen do just right, the key to perfection really is in the smaller details. Be sure to entrust your bride with a company that is experienced in planning and willing to customise the event to suit you, and most importantly pamper your hen.

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