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5 Everyday fragrance blunders

5 Everyday Fragrance Blunders - Our top tips to make your fragrance last.

After purchasing a scent that’s made for you, getting the most out of your perfume is key. While we pick up endless arrays of bad habits from years of collecting scent after scent, you’re more than likely making mistakes that will affect how much you get out of your bespoke fragrance.

To get the best out of your unique perfume, and other’s you adore from your favourite brands, read on and thank us later.

1. You’re probably spraying in the wrong places

Perfume is activated by heat, meaning to get the most out of your perfume the perfect place to spray is on pulse points. The best pulse points to apply perfume to are; Wrists, bottom of your throat, inside your elbow, behind your knee and behind your ear. While some of these places may sound unusual, your scents will last much longer spraying the perfume in these places. Spraying perfume on your clothes is another big mistake. The perfume needs to react to your key pulse areas for best effects and spraying the scent onto your clothes will do little for its life span.

2. Not applying moisturiser before you spray

While the perfume adverts opt out of having a beautiful lady rub her pulse points with moisturiser before she spritzers, it’s a key part of the process. Apply moisturiser beforehand as oily skin will help your skin retain the scent for much longer. Pair the perfume with an unscented moisturiser or a complimentary scent for best effect.

3. Rubbing your skin together after spritzing

When applying perfume, it is a common mistake to thinking rubbing the scent into your skin enables the scent to last longer. While it is a common belief, it is exactly the opposite. Rubbing the perfume breaks down it’s molecules and risks bruising the notes in the fragrance. Instead of rubbing your skin to get the perfume to last longer, air dry instead.

4. Storing your tailor-made scent in the wrong places

Perfume bottles can often be a work of art, so it makes perfect sense to display the bottles for all to see. While this may be a good idea, it isn’t the best way to get a longevity out of your perfume. Bathrooms are also a bad place to store them due to the heat and humidity which could damage the chemical composition of the perfume. Storing it out of sunlight and away from bathrooms is the best way to keep the scent at its best. To go even further with preserving the perfume at its best quality, storing the perfume in the fridge keeps the perfume at its best for the longest, yet in a cool dark place works just as well. If the need to store perfume outside of these conditions is necessary, it’s important the keep the box, so it is never stored in direct sunlight.

5. Choosing a perfume based on how it smells on your friend

Scents smell differently on all of us, so rushing to get the scent that smells incredible on your friend isn’t the best idea. Test it out on yourself first and see if you still like the scent it creates. If at this point you like it - buy the perfume, but don’t expect it to be exactly the same. A perfume that suits you and your body will always be superior to one that smells amazing on your friend. It’s key to keep this in mind when choosing your new scent.

And for good measure, not having a signature scent in the first place

Finally, having a signature scent - something your friends, family and colleagues will smell and instantly associate with you. Imagine if this was truly – your signature scent, so Barbara from accounts can’t steal it, after all she bought your signature heels (how rude?). With us, your signature scent is just that – yours! We have a unique range of tailor-made fragrance experiences, starting from as little as just £39.00.

Now you’re on your way to scent heaven, getting the most out of your perfumes and ensuring they last for much longer.

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